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The pandemic and downturn caught us all off-guard. But HR and business leaders won't have any excuse for the next shock to the market. Join us for a workshop on how to use data to lead effectively, drive team performance, and ensure your profits never fall off a cliff again.

Use Data to Recession-Proof Your Business

So your business survived the first wave of the coronavirus – great. 

But are you ready to weather a recession? And what if there's a second wave of cases? Experts expect the virus to come back with a vengeance, while the economy is anything but stable. If you're an HR or business leader, you need to prepare your business for future shocks.

You need a data-driven strategy for making sure profits never fall like that again.

You'll Learn

How to leverage your unique strengths as a leader to inspire your team
How to use data to make sure your team members are in the right roles to support your new priorities
How to use analytics to understand your team's unique needs and get them to deliver results when it feels like the sky is falling




Qualigence International is a talent acquisition and optimization firm dedicated to empowering businesses with high-performing, purpose-driven teams.

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Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2020
Time: 11 am ET
Duration: 1 Hour
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What People Have Said About Previous Workshops

"Stephen helped us grow and scale our sales abilities in the US."
– Joanna Drabent

"It was fun to see how the team got so motivated that they even started meeting after hours."
– Karolina Rafalo

"Would recommend, loved Stephen!"
– Lisa Bartasius

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