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Watch On-Demand: Aired on March 26
Decision Making in Times of Crisis

In this first session I will lay out the process my team and I are using to make decisions in the midst of the pandemic - relevant to business leaders and HR leaders to help you navigate this situation. 


  • Learn the 5 key criteria for making decisions that impact short-term AND long-term success as a leader
  • Understand what questions you need to consistently ask to ensure you are adjusting course as necessary 
  • Get practical, actionable insights from my own experiences as a business leader and entrepreneur

Webinar Series —

Leadership in Times of Crisis

Leadership in times of crisis can mean the difference between survival or shutting the doors of your business. As a leader who led a business through the 2008 crash and onto greater prosperity, I’ll be sharing my journey and approach.  


Watch On-Demand: Aired on April 9
Everyone is Remote – Now What

Like many businesses, we transitioned from primarily onsite to remote in a span of 24 hours. I’ll share our approach, the lessons we learned, and insights from years of experience with flexible work arrangements. 


  • Understand how to quickly position teams for success and productivity while they go from the office to the living room
  • Learn how to adjust your leadership style to the new challenges of working with remote teams
  • Get insights on how to help your leaders and managers navigate this transition 

Watch On-Demand: Aired on April 16
Planning for Leadership After the Pandemic

In the middle of a crisis, it can be easy to make short-sighted decisions to cut our losses. However, it’s crucial to remember that this will pass in time and we need to be positioned to quickly bounce back. 


  • Learn how to ensure your businesses flourishes rather than stagnates after the crisis passes
  • Understand how to balance short-term priorities with long-term needs and plans
  • Get the tools for identifying opportunities, adapting to new challenges and responding effectively to this crisis 

Presented by:

Steve Lowisz is an authority on all things talent, personal development, and business leadership. Best known as the founder and CEO of Qualigence International, Steve is a successful five-time entrepreneur with over two decades of practical business experience. With experience consulting start-ups, equity-backed, and Fortune 500 companies around the world, you can count on Steve for expert advice and a valuable new perspective.

Watch On-Demand: Aired on April 2
Communication Through Crisis

The chaos and stress of this crisis has thrown many businesses into disarray. With remote work dominating the business world, clear, effective communication has never been more important. 


  • Understand the importance and costs of being transparent and totally honest with our teams
  • Learn how to communicate the hard realities of the situation while remaining positive and inspirational
  • Get a framework for ongoing, routine communication to combat uncertainty and panic