Leadership Live_Fix Culture

Your Culture is Costing You!

Join us for a no-nonsense discussion on transforming workplace culture. We're cutting through the fluff and debunking common cultural clichés. Learn how to bridge the gap between your ideal and actual culture to retain valuable team members.

Discover what both job seekers and current employees genuinely seek in a workplace culture. You'll be left with the steps needed to make it happen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define Culture practically.
  • Bridge the gap for employee retention.
  • Understand what team members truly want.
  • Implement real-world steps to align culture with organizational goals.

Don't miss this episode – it's your path to fixing culture and retaining your valuable talent. 


Join the discussion on 'Leadership Live: Unlocking Culture Excellence.

Feb 28th at 11AM

Hosted by Steve Lowisz, CEO & founder of Qualigence International